Responsible Purchasing Practices

Bath & Body Works realizes that responsible business practices start with partnering with suppliers and factories that have an excellent compliance track record and share our core values. To that end, all of our associates involved in the production and purchasing process must understand the critical role they play in that process. The company is committed to providing these associates with ongoing training and educational opportunities to keep teams vigilant and fully engaged.

The company also has an Associate Code of Conduct that outlines our standards and expectations and addresses the consequences of noncompliance.

Associates who influence decisions in Bath & Body Works’ supply chain are required to take a course called “Preventing Modern Slavery in Our Global Supply Chain” to ensure they are aware of the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain, can recognize the warning signs and know what tools are available to report any concerns of forced labor or human trafficking in the supply chain. The training was developed in alignment with the International Labour Organization’s Indicators of Forced Labor.