Letter from CEO

Dear associate,

Our company values are a connection to our heritage and a guide to our future. They are also the measure of success for HOW we do things.

THE CUSTOMER RULES! The power of our brand starts with our customers. Our unique relationship with them guides every decision we make – because when we know our customers like we know our friends, we understand what they value and can anticipate their needs.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION MAKE US STRONGER. We embrace diversity because a culture where everyone has a chance to be heard, valued and treated with respect makes us a smarter, stronger brand.

PASSION LEADS TO SUCCESS. We love what we do, and we have fun creating the fragrances and experiences that bring happiness to people around the world. Our care for our customers drives us to never be complacent, giving our work a strong sense of purpose that keeps us focused on always exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

IT MATTERS HOW WE PLAY THE GAME. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and always focus on doing what’s right in our workplace, our communities, our industry and for our planet. We lead with honest, integrity and humility because how we get there matters as much as the destination.

Our Code of Conduct is based on our company values and is a resource where associates can find information that defines behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not. All of our policies, whether in the Code, in our standard operating procedures or from other sources in our business, are based on our company values.

There are tremendous benefits of working together in an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial environment like ours. With these benefits also comes responsibility — to ourselves and to each other. Part of that responsibility includes reviewing the Code and company policies, understanding and upholding the Code and asking questions if we’re unsure about something. It’s a personal promise and it’s fundamental to all that we stand for as a company. If you ever see anything that seems inconsistent with our values or Code, be sure to talk to your manager, Human Resources partner or our Global Ethics & Compliance team.

Thank you for sharing in the responsibility.
Sarah Nash Signature
Sarah E. Nash, Executive Chair and Interim Chief Executive Officer
Bath & Body Works