International Strategy

Bath & Body Works has grown our successful brands by first focusing on the domestic market. Now, franchise partnerships and our direct businesses, our best-in-class brands are reaching customers around the world.

A Source For Long-Term Growth

With our sights set on the global marketplace, the international business is a healthy addition to our U.S. business and a source for long-term growth. Our store operations around the world are a mix of company-owned and franchised locations -- upholding our highest brand standards with no visible difference to the customer.

Bath & Body Works: Making Fragrance Fun!

The Bath & Body Works brand was first introduced outside of North America in 2010 and has since been expanding around the globe, treating customers to the delightful scents of Bath & Body Works personal care, soaps and sanitizers and home fragrance products. In addition to its 1,700+ North American stores, Bath & Body Works has nearly 300 stores in countries around the globe operating under franchise, license and wholesale arrangements.