Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Overview


For decades, four core values have guided our company. One of those four values is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Makes Us Stronger.

Our Associates Are Key

More than stores, more than products, Bath & Body Works is a world-class brand and with associates who have uniquely different characteristics, qualities and talents that we embrace and foster.

At Bath & Body Works, we focus on recruiting, retaining and advancing diverse talent that reflects the customers we serve and the communities where we live and work. We incorporate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion into our learning curriculum for all associates to create a workplace where diversity and inclusion are valued.

By continuing to encourage a workplace environment where diversity, equity and inclusion are valued, we believe we can serve our customers better, as well as retain highly talented associates, suppliers and vendors of different backgrounds and experiences.

We Respect Our Customers

Bath & Body Works is adamant that all of our customers be treated with dignity and respect at all times – regardless of their race, gender identity, clothing size and any other dimension of diversity that make each of our customers who they are.

Importance of Pronouns

Bath & Body Works supports diverse identities and fosters a culture that is anti-racist, consists of active allies, embraces social change, takes action and is accountable. To live up to the value, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Makes Us Stronger,” it is important to bring awareness to and educate associates on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Words are powerful; they help us convey meaning and connect with others. Pronoun references happen in everyday conversation, like when a group is addressed as “ladies and gentlemen.” Some people in the LGBTQIA+ community use pronouns to describe themselves that represent deeply personal choices. A person’s pronoun is not determined by their appearance and does not always align with traditional gendered pronouns (she/her, he/him). Showing respect begins with understanding and using the pronouns others identify with.

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